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Requires $99.00 Installation Fee and autopay!
Requires $99.00 Installation Fee and autopay!
Call for details! 2GIG's Most Popular Wireless Control Panel with Transformer (1) Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector (3) Wireless Door/Window Transmitters (1) Four Button Wireless Key Fob Back-Up Battery, RJ Block and Cord. FEATURES: Integrated two way voice, voice prompted clock setting and voice prompting programming mode Remote phone control Built-in X-10 lighting and appliance control Full function keypad with LCD display Single button operation with paging; scheduling function and voice response with zone descriptions The Keyfob is a Wireless Transmitter which allows you to "arm or disarm" the System inside and outside your home. It is programmable, can be used as a "Panic Device or Medical Alert" and provides you with the ability to remotely control the system, including lights, doors and other appliances. 2GIG Kits are designed to accommodate all of 2GIG's Wireless Accessories such as Motion Detectors, Window and Door Transmitters, Remote Keyfobs and all other sensors!
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ASE Monitoring Package 1
$25.50 mo   
24/7 Burglary Monitoring
The All-Inclusive Monitoring Bundle Package will provide peace of mind through the use of a standard landlines telephone. The landlines telephone transmits signals directly to our Central Monitoring Center in the event of an emergency. This system is affordable and easy to use for both children and adults.
ASE Monitoring Package 2
$35.50 mo  
24/7 Burglary Monitoring, PLUS! Cell Backup Cellular, a digital cellular back-up technology that enables your home security system to communicate with the Central Monitoring Center. This option is best for customers who do not have a landline phone or just want additional back-up communication.  (Requires GSM Radio)

ASE Monitoring Package 3
$30.50 mo  
24/7 Burglary Monitoring w/ 2 Way Voice
Two-Way Voice is a convenient, hands free feature that allows you to communicate directly with an our Central Monitoring Center dispatcher from almost anywhere in your home. The control panel acts as an intercom, allowing the dispatcher to verify an emergency in your home, even if you're injured and can't get to the control panel. The microphone in your control panel can generally detect a normal talking voice up to 75 feet away.

Call For Additional Packages!
Would like to have a wary free system, add $10.00 to each of our Packages, to add on a Service Agreement.  No charge for equipment replacement, batteries, labor or repairs! (Requires a $25.00 Trip Charge).

Call for details about our lease option and contract opt out anytime option!!!